Statement from the Trustees of The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre

We make this statement in relation to the recent of conviction of Amanda Millington after she was found guilty of fraud against Cancer Research UK.

Many of our supporters will know that Ms Millington volunteered at the Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre for approximately 2 years. She worked diligently in our café and raised funds for us by assisting with events at the Community Centre on an ad hoc basis. We thank her for her positive contribution to the charity during this time.

We have no reason to suspect that Ms Millington perpetrated a similar fraud against the Community Centre. We have good internal financial controls in place which effectively manage the risks of financial crime at all levels of our charity activity and do not believe that any of our charity funds or other assets have been affected by Ms Millington’s involvement with us. We are taking steps to satisfy ourselves of this via an internal investigation into our accounts and processes.

We hope that this matter does not deter any of our generous supporters in the future.

The Trustees of The Shannon Bradshaw Community Centre